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The Marksmen Club is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for the purpose of providing handgun and .22 rifle shooting for our members and invited guests.

We feature a 25 m. 10 position  heated indoor shooting facility & an air conditioned  club house

T.M.C. also has satellite tv, a canteen  and vending machines.

We target shoot as a leisure activity and/or particpate in Bullseye, Police Pistol Combat and International Practical Shooting Association competitive leagues.

 Bill C-42 legislation was enacted September 3, 2015. The change to your A.T.T.  appears to have created a lot of confusion on how it all works now.



I'm presenting this overview in my own words. Please refer to the full C.F.O. document for the full legal version for your own interpretation.

When your current paper A.T.T. does expire, the C.F.O. will automatically attach a new electronic A.T.T. to your firearms licence. You don't need to call the club for a new A.T.T.

Your paper A.T.T. probably had no conditions attached to it, now you will have one opening  statement and up to six conditions attached to your electronic A.T.T.

The opening statement has to do with getting to and from an approved shooting range by a reasonably direct route.

Condition 1; you can transport handguns that you own to and from any approved section 29 firing range (as long as you belong to a gun club)

Condition 2; you can go to and from a peace officer, firearms officer or the C.F.O. for verification or disposal of a gun. (if you are picking up a court seized handgun you need a A.T.T.)

Condition 3; you can go to and from a licenced appraiser, verifier or gunsmith.(for consignment sale or storage of your gun you need a A.T.T.)

Condition 4; you can go to and from a gun show to display a gun registered to you.

Condition 5; You can go to and from an Ontario border exit. (however if you transport interprovincial in Canada you need a A.T.T.)

Condition 6; You can transport a newly acquired firearm home or to an approved firing range.(the seller of the gun would need an A.T.T. to transport it to you because it not in his name now, this  also includes the seller transporting the gun for drop off at a Canada Post or a courier)

The biggest problem I see with Bill C42 is that most people now think they don't need an A.T.T. for anything. That is definitly not correct!

There you have it, C42 and your A.T.T. in my own words. You do still need to contact the C.F.O. and get a A.T.T. sometimes. Call 1.800.731.4000

Please refer to the full legal version available from the C.F.O. for your own interpretation.