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                    Requirements for all membership applications

 1. For membership in The Marksmen Club (T.M.C.) we require that you be in possession  of the following; A valid Restricted  Possession And Acquisition License and a valid Ontario drivers license.

2. Canadian Shooting Sports Association membership is a mandatory condition of T.M.C. membership. The annual fee is paid directly to the C.S.S.A. and is separate from all T.M.C. membership fees. C.S.S.A. membership provides insurance and other member benefits. Please visit their website for current fees.

3. You are required to have your application form fully completed, attend an interview at the club, understand and sign our liability waiver and to pay the Safety trainng fee of $175.00 (no refundable) Other fees apply, please see our rates page.

 4. You will be required to attend a full day of  safety training conducted in our classroom facility,  followed by two live fire training session on the firing range. The preferred schedule would 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on a Saturday for the classroom portion and the next two Sundays  for the firing range portion.

                      All instruction is provided  by fully qualified C.S.S.A. handgun instructors.

          Clauses for all applicants:

I acknowlege that my application will be reviewed by the T.M.C. Board Of Directors, and may require investigations to be carried out concerning any statements or declarations made by me in this application.

The Board Of Directors have my permission to carry out such investgations as they deem nessesary concerning my character and my background for the purpose of reviewing this application.

I acknowledge the T.M.C. is under no obligation to accept my application for membership.

    I acknowledge that my membership may be declined without a reason being given.

If accepted I pledge to conform to the Rules, Regulations, Constitution and By-Laws of the T.M.C. 

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